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Hi. I'm Steve Corbett.

I'm an Award Winning Learning Experience Developer

Presented, “Creating Interactive Videos with Adobe Captivate” at Learning Solutions 2015.  Awarded Best Sales Training Solution at DemoFest.


INTERACTIVE VIDEO: “Lights, Camera, Action: How to Create Outstanding eLearning Video”

LEARNING GAMES: “Play to Learn – Designing Effective Learning Games”

AUGMENTED REALITY: “How to build AR learning experiences with Zappar

XR/AR/VR:  2018 XR Development with Unity workshop through Circuit Stream

Do you want to elevate your training team's game?

Is your training really boring? Does your staff churn out narrated PowerPoints and call it ‘training’ because you don’t have the time or resources to build something engaging? Do you want to level up engagement through serious games, video scenarios like Netflix’s Bandersnatch or immersive technologies like VR/AR?

E-learning that is just interactive is not enough. It must be engaging. In today’s workplace, the audience has higher expectations for training. Can you blame them? If you compare most training to the experiences they can get through YouTube, Playstation, Xbox, AR apps, Vive, and Oculus, of course they get bored. We must be able to elevate our game and match these experiences to keep our audiences engaged. That’s where I excel! 

I strive to bring out the passion in my teams and myself to find ways to elevate our game. As an experienced Instructional Design Manager, I can whip a boring training program into shape by helping my team push today’s tools like Adobe Captivate, Articulate, Camtasia, Vyond etc, to their limits to develop serious games, simulations, scenarios, and interactive videos. I can also help bridge the gap between today’s training and the future with interactive experiences designed for the future learner in mind such as VR/AR and AI. Creating these experiences is easier than you think. It may seem unattainable, but I found a way. Do you want to know more? Keep reading. 

How do I create engaging learning experiences?

motivation squared X content X interactivity”

— Michael Allen’s Guide to e-Learning

My primary focus is Return on Engagement (ROE).  Why ROE instead of Return on Investment (ROI)? Many organizations rarely assess training ROI or simply are unable to truly quantify it. ROE is about providing the audience with a learning experience so captivating, challenging and goal driven, it doesn’t feel like training to them. To achieve ROE, I have used Michael Allen’s simple engagement formula throughout my career to ensure my team and I build compelling, learner-centric training.

MOTIVATION SQUARED: “We think in story, which allows us to envision the future.” 

— Lisa Cron, Author of Wired for Story

Stories are the key to motivation. The learner must want to know what happens next to get truly immersed into a learning experience and remember it. We remember best through our experiences and storytelling is the language of experiences. Storytelling intrinsically makes a topic more relevant to adult learners, motivating them to learn about it and relate it to themselves.  I ensure my team and I develop scenarios, serious games, and simulations with story elements, so they tap into this fundamental motivation wired into our brains.

CONTENT: “Simplicity is about subtracting the obvious and adding the meaningful.”  

— John Moeda, Author of the Laws of Simplicity

Have you ever seen one of Steve Job’s presentations? He always used simplicity design in his presentations, removing unnecessary elements, minimizing text and using 1-3 powerful visuals to capture attention, aid recall, and improve understanding. 50% of the brain’s cortex is devoted to processing visual information. Learning must be a visual experience to properly take advantage of the way our minds work, but not too overwhelming for working memory.  This is one of my specialties and I hold my team to it as well. 

INTERACTIVITY: “Make it hurt so good.”  


— Cammy Bean, e-Learning guru

I live by Cammy Bean’s principle in my interaction designs. For any experience to be a learning experience, learners absolutely must have a chance to fail to apply what is being learned in a simulated environment, so they can increase their comfort level before applying it on the job. I make ensure my team and I look for opportunities to build job-contextual interactions via scenarios or situational assessments that give learners the opportunity to face and overcome meaningful consequences and misadventures. 

Are you looking for a freelance developer who can develop interactive videos, 3D scenarios, learning games or VR/AR?