Steve Corbett's Informal Learning Exhibit - Objects and Detailed Specifications

Museum: Ark 3D Survival Community Island in Second Life (SL)
Exhibit Title:
Nuclear Weapons: the Destroyer of Worlds

Map of Ark 3D Survival Community Island Layout of the Island
There are seven main learning centers on the island:

Second Life visitors can use the paths provided to travel throughout the island or they can use their avatar's flying feature to explore the island.

This map will also be available to visitors in every learning center, so they can transport from learning center to learning center with a simple mouse click. This map will also be shown as the image for the landmark notecards for this island.

All visitors will arrive at the main entrance when they transport to the island.

View of the showing main entranceMain Entrance
The main entrance is located at the top of a mountain shaped like a nuclear mushroom cloud. Visitors can see the entire island upon arrival from any direction. A large sign will say "Welcome to Ark 3D Survival Community Island, home of the Nuclear Threat: Destroyer of Worlds exhibit." A video of J. Robert Oppenheimer saying his "The Destroyer of worlds" comment will play every 5 minutes.

One wall display will show images of the other six learning centers. Clicking on an image will provide the visitor with a brief synopsis of what the particular learning center offers and then enable them to transport directly there if they would like.

Because all visitors will receive a replica of a radiation detection device upon arrival, one wall display provides an overview of how to use it. If they click on the display, they will be offered a notecard with the same instructions to add to their avatar's inventory.

In support of the secondary objective of the exhibit, one of the wall provides information on the Ark 3D Survival Community and its real world counterpart. It will also provide information on what membership in the virtual community offers and allow visitors to join the community.

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History learning centerHistory of Nuclear Weapons Learning Center
This learning center has a replica of the Enola Gay, the plane that dropped the bomb on Hiroshima, on a runway with a hangar nearby.

Replicas of the gravity nuclear bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki are displayed here with placards available to be clicked for more information. There is also a memorial dedicated to Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Inside the hangar, there are multiple displays on the walls that provide information, images, and videos covering the history of the nuclear bomb. For example, one display covers the Manhattan Project.

It provides a short history of the origins and development of the American atomic bomb program during World War II. Beginning with the scientific developments of the pre-war years, the video details the role of United States government in conducting a secret, nationwide enterprise that took science from the laboratory and into combat with an entirely new type of weapon. The video concludes with a discussion of the immediate postwar period, the debate over the Atomic Energy Act of 1946, and the founding of the Atomic Energy Commission.

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Learning Center with MissilesTypes of Nuclear Weapons Learning Center
This learning center will be circular in shape and will display the many types of nuclear weapons. A placard will be near each missile. Visitors can click on the placard to learn more about the particular missile.

The center of the learning center contains an information kiosk that that describes how the different types of nuclear weapons work (e.g. how the atomic bomb uses nuclear fission, how the hydrogen bomb uses nuclear fusion, and how the dirty bomb works).

The center of the learning center also has several large wall displays that compare specific missiles and bombs that exist today, comparing such things as their range and the power of their warheads.

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Main Street USAEffects of Nuclear Weapons Learning Center
Visitors will notice immediately that this exhibit looks like "main street USA." This is intended to portray a test site town similar to the test site town in Nevada that was used to test the first nuclear bomb in the United States.

At the center of the town are various displays that cover the effects of a nuclear explosion. These displays show the different levels of destruction that occur as you move further away from the epicenter of the blast. These displays also demonstrate how the levels of destructions are influenced by factors such as kilotons and whether it was a ground burst or air burst.

One feature at this learning center is an in-world web site that takes visitors to a web page where they can identify the longitude and latitude of any city in the world and then use that information to project the destructiveness of a nuclear weapon used on that city on a Google map (adjustable for various kilotons).

Another interactive kiosk provides visitors the opportunity to test a nuclear explosion on the town. After clicking the kiosk, nuclear missiles can be seen launching into the sky. A minute later, the island's sirens are activated. Another minute later the detonation occurs.

Visitors will experience different results depending on where they are on the island in relation to the town, the type of weapon used, and the epicenter of the explosion. Visitors near the epicenter will be told they just died, their avatar temporarily ghostly translucent. Other visitors further away from the epicenter will see changes to their avatar such as severe burns and various symptoms of radiation sickness. The town itself will also reflect the impact of the explosion (except the learning kiosks).

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Main Street USANuclear Weapons Tracking Learning Center
This learning center is located near the "History of Nuclear Weapons" learning center to make it easy for visitors to go from historical information on the subject to current news.

The main piece of this learning center is an interactive map that tracks which countries have nuclear weapons (and what type and how many) or which countries are in the process of acquiring them. The map also tracks current news on nuclear weapons across the globe.

The current nuclear threat level will also be displayed using a color code system similar to the terrorist threat level system used by the US Department of Homeland Security. A news ticker associated with current news relevant to nuclear weapons will appear on the nuclear threat display. Users who click on the nuclear threat display will be given access to recent news articles or videos.

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Main Street USANuclear Targets and Fallout Path Learning Center
The sky over this learning center is cloudy and dark with ash sometimes falling to the ground. The landscape is filled with dead vegetation and the occasional dead animal. Signs encourage visitors to try out their radiation detection device. They will quickly notice that the safest place is on the path.

This learning center has an interactive map that provides information regarding projected targets and fallout paths. It also has displays providing information on the effects of fallout and an overview of nuclear winter.

The entrance to the Ark 3D Refuge Facility can be found at this learning center. This fallout shelter is a complete replica of the Ark Two Refuge Facility. Visitors who enter the facility are encouraged to explore it by getting involved in a scavenger hunt. Those who succeed are rewarded with objects they can attach to their avatar. The entrance to the facility will automatically close when the island's siren system is activated. Visitors inside the fallout shelter will survive unscathed when the nuclear explosion occurs in the "Effects of Nuclear Weapons" learning center.

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Non-proliferation exhibitNon-Proliferation Learning Center
This learning center contains displays providing information on the various treaties and organizations that promote nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament.

Accompanying each display that covers a particular treaty will be a map displaying the current participation status of each nation.

One interactive feature is the Nuclear Weapons: The Peace Dove Game. In this game, you take on the mission to disarm the world of nuclear weapons! You have eight "Peace Doves" to help you, each able to disarm one of eight countries possessing nuclear weapons.

This learning center also has meeting rooms that can be reserved by members of the Ark 3D community to hold local chapter meetings for their nations. A large auditorium is also available speakers from the Ark Two community or other guest speakers from the various disarmament organizations. A schedule of events is also posted.

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